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Hospital upgrade joint venture branding and tender

A major upgrade to a capital city hospital was planned, and a group of companies mined forces to tender for the work, from project management through to design, construction and fitout. It was to be a massive undertaking, and whilst the companies involved in the joint venture were well established, their united approached need to be communicated with clarity. The joint venture was named and given a strong brand identity.

The tone of communication was considered to reflect the shared motivations of the companies involved in the tender, whilst intonating the fresh, contemporary vision they shared for the hospital upon completion. The brand work included full logo and corporate identity design / standards, image selection / retouching, tender document layout, powerpoint presentation (including data visualisation methods) and product packaging.

Disciplines: Conceptualisation, brand development, logo design, corporate identity, style guidelines, image retouching, tender documentation, data visualisation, print management / specifications.
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