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A brand new fitness just minutes from Brisbane's CBD was opened early 2016 by a group of 5 fitness professionals with a vision. Their goal was to create a 'home away from home' for their clients. A gym can be an impersonal, sometimes intimidating environment. The partners pictured a community atmosphere are of judgement and full of community spirit.

My branding approach stemmed from the idea of these 5 strong, but different personalities, coming together to form the nucleus of an ever-growing entity. Helfi Addiction is a blend of Health + Fitness + Culture. the pentagon shape bursting with lively shapes and facets defines the essence of the brand and its values.

Today the centre is thriving thanks to the initiatives of the owners, and as they imagined, the contribution of their members. Walking into the fresh, clean and brightly coloured centre is a motivating experience, one that has members coming back for more. Just like the nature of addiction, this habit is one worth keeping.

Disciplines: Conceptualisation, brand development, logo design, corporate identity, style guidelines, image retouching, street front / shopfront sign design and way finding, interface design, merchandise design.
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